Let's talk about your experiences with volunteering and more
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How many hours would you assume your children volunteered in high school? Enter N/A  if you do not have kids in high school yet.

Have you had trouble engaging your children in volunteering activities?

What do you want your children to get out of volunteering the most?

Did they use anything online (app/website) to track their volunteer work? *

In your opinion, did any of their volunteering experience help them with their area of study or any job since? If so, how?

What skills (hard and soft) do you wish they learned in their volunteering experiences? *

Did they have to track any other activities? What did they use to do this? (Co-operative education, Internships, Specialist High Skills Majors, Extracurricular etc) *

Any other feedback?

What is your name? *

And your email address?

Thank you for filling out this form. Your help is much appreciated.  You can contact us anytime at myhelpinghandsapp@gmail.com

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