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Did you know you had to complete 40 hours of community service/volunteering in order to graduate high school? *

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If yes, how many hours have you volunteered for so far? If you don’t know for sure, enter approximate hours.

If yes, is the number of hours approximate/exact?

If yes, are you using anything online (app/website) to track your volunteer work?

What skills would you like to gain from your volunteering position ? *

Have you had to track any other activities? What did you use to do this? (Co-operative education, Internships, Specialist High Skills Majors etc) *

The next two questions are about your volunteer experiences. If you have only had one, answer both questions based on that position. If you have not had any experiences yet, you may skip.

What is your favorite position and why?

What is your least favorite position and why?

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